Air Quality Alerts -

DEC’s Division of Air Quality received a grant to provide public air quality education, including helping residents understand different phases of air quality alerts. They also wanted to focus on ways to reduce human impact on the air we breath and explain why having good air quality is important for community health.

We developed a set of creative assets that focused on Alaskans enjoying the outdoors. One video focused on a day in the life of a resident musher. Another featured a glimpse into the life of a local family. Our goal was to convey that quality air matters to keeping the outdoor recreation Alaskans so love accessible and safe in the winter.

This campaign has had tremendous success even in just its first year. Facebook reached about 50% of the entire borough and had an average click-through rate of 8.6%. Over the Top (OTT) performed far over industry performance benchmarks and had a view completion rate of over 96% - a testament to interesting and compelling content.

A Play Day with Family