Our digital team is growing fast (just like your Facebook followers will after working with MSI for a while!).

The digital world is our greatest resource for getting your message out to your potential customers. Our team is lead by the state’s top digital strategist, and includes three web developers, an SEO/SEM strategist, social media content development specialist, copywriter, designers and a video editor.

MSI’s Digital team is always responsive, helpful and competent whenever we have a website need as our organization grows.

Cari-Ann Carty, Executive Director, Alaska Safety Alliance

Digital Strategy

MSI has advanced capabilities in reporting and analysis. Our digital department knows more about how an ad is performing – moment by moment – than we ever knew about print ads or even TV. That empowers you to change your placement mix, your targeting strategy or even your creative in a way that maximizes your advertising dollar and vastly increases your ability to find and speak to the exact audience you want.

We utilize an omni-channel strategy that brings together traditional media with search engine optimization (SEO), programmatic ad buying, pay-per-click, email marketing, Google display ads and more to create a highly effective way to communicate with all demographics or just one.

MSI is a leader in new-tech communications. We have an entire team dedicated to following digital trends, locating your quickly-moving audience and crafting messages that will resonate with them across digital platforms. We’ll get those messages onto search engines, streaming services, social media and more.

Web Development

MSI offers full-stack, custom WordPress development services for its web clients. In addition to award-winning website design, MSI’s web department provides site design and development, user experience design, database design, analytics reporting and an online ticketing system for easy maintenance requests.

Plus, our capabilities are always growing – let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find a way forward together.

Let’s talk digital!