Kristen Garland

What do you get when two woman-owned businesses join into one? A whole lot of awesome. Kristen is one of the state’s leading experts on digital marketing. In her 25-year career, she has worked in a variety of roles in digital marketing and technology, including as marketing director for a telecommunications company. Then she founded Tonbo Digital and grew it into an authority on SEO, SEM, and all other ways of getting a message out through the internet. When she merged Tonbo with MSI, Kristen exponentially expanded our agency’s digital capabilities while simultaneously giving her clients access to the strongest full-service advertising agency in Alaska. 

Kristen started her professional life with the goal of becoming a teacher. But then she bought her first computer, fell in love with what was then new tech and landed in a computer-market research firm instead of a classroom. Luckily, she decided to bring her computer here. Now, Kristen leads MSI’s digital team to grow client businesses with smart strategies and cutting-edge digital tactics while tracking all performance with actionable marketing insights and reporting.