Passenger and Freight Services -

Alaska Railroad and MSI began a partnership in 2021 and started revamping the company’s campaigns for passenger and freight service. We were presented with the challenge of keeping messaging fresh, captivating and targeted to our audiences – a challenge we met with photography-centric creative and descriptive messaging highlighting the things the railroad does best.

To illustrate the passenger experience, we created advertisements that used authentic photography, handwritten notes and descriptive content. Across print, video and digital assets, we focused on photography to draw in the viewer and to help them imagine themselves riding on the railroad. By developing the tagline “Alaska by Rail: Relax, Enjoy, Connect,” we aimed to emphasize the different ways passengers can experience the railroad.

Meanwhile, the Alaska Railroad freight division is known for its over-the-top customer service and easy coordination. They set themselves apart by providing full-service logistics, with every step of the process billed on one invoice. MSI leaned into the railroad’s ability to provide end-to-end service on one invoice with our “Seamless Freight Logistics” creative.