Ashley Brinkman

Ashley supports clients big and small, always with the goal of growing their business. From grassroots efforts to traditional and multi-media campaigns, she works tirelessly to meet and exceed campaign objectives for her clients. With a background in financial-services marketing, it’s no wonder Ashley’s sweet spot is balancing budgets and tight deadlines. But, frankly, she’s pretty sweet herself.

Born and raised in very small-town South Dakota, Ashley scored her first job at 13 years old working in the pit downrange at a gun club loading skeets into the arm of the machine that flung the little, clay discs into the sky. She earned $10 a day, which she spent every evening in the video-game arcade. Ashley moved to Anchorage 10 years ago with her hometown love (who is now her husband). She serves on the board of the Alaska Literacy Program, where there are no skeet machines.