Amanda Allard

Amanda hung up her legal assistant hat in the civil defense litigation world to pursue a career in line with her degree field. Amanda is rarely, alphabetically, the last at anything. Speaking of the alphabet, she’s got some alphabet soup following her name. She graduated as an Honors Scholar and undergraduate researcher from the University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) with a dual Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management and Marketing with a minor in Communication. She is also currently pursuing her first master’s degree (MS) in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Leading in Business Settings from Creighton University. Her long-term goal is to use her degrees, skills, and experiences to help our community through encouraging corporate social responsibility, volunteerism, and by simply doing good work.

In her free time, Amanda sits on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Power League of Alaska helping to promote gender and racial equality statewide. She loves getting after it in the great Alaska wilderness, whether it be cold weather camping or casting and blasting; her preference is for things that live in water, or animals that don’t hunt her back. The only limits Amanda has are on how many sockeye salmon she can catch in a day!