Visit Anchorage Campaign -

Visit Anchorage brought MSI to the table to develop a national campaign spanning advertising and website updates that would help the organization define a new voice. MSI went to work, studied the research provided by the client and developed “Urban & Wild.” This theme resonates with Alaskans, tourists, meeting planners and group tour directors that seek the wild of Alaska, but the comforts of home. The creative uses strong imagery, pairing a more urban scene (cocktails and food) with the wilder side of Anchorage (wildlife, mountains and glaciers). With a vast photography library, we are able to create ads that appeal to many different audiences within the theme.

Separately, after over a dozen years of creating award-winning Anchorage Visitor Guides, the client asked us to expand and focus a new guide highlighting the diverse neighborhoods of the municipality – the local parks, shops, art installations, trails and attractions that make each corner of the city so special. MSI applied a fresh, new approach to this guide; we introduced a new style, font, and use of color and shapes to design a completely unique yet complementary guide that has locals and visitors enjoying more of Anchorage.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting tourism, Visit Anchorage approached MSI with an opportunity to shoot and produce new videos to market Anchorage to national audiences. Creatively, our team wanted to take the traditional tourism “music video” to a new, more personal “VLOG” style product, where we could let the talent tell more of the story, sharing how much there is to do in Anchorage and the surrounding areas. We produced several short and longer format VLOGS, which have been placed on video content media channels and are used on the Visit Anchorage website.

Visit Anchorage Vlog #1
Visit Anchorage Vlog #2
Visit Anchorage Vlog #3
Visit Anchorage Vlog #4