Rebranding -

In 2019, our client Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium was ready to take the next step in fulfilling their mission to provide industry-driven workforce development. Lost in their current moniker was their true place in Alaska as a regional safety council. APICC asked MSI to help them rebrand as the Alaska Safety Alliance. The project spanned their logo, website, environmental graphics and more.

MSI designed a strong, impactful, logo featuring safety green and contrasting navy blue; we updated fonts and created a strong design aesthetic that is recognizable across the nation. We launched the name, brand and logo at the 2019 annual meeting to a crowded room of supporters who embraced the new look with open arms. The art comes to life every day in the Anchorage office through environmental graphics featuring the logo, mission and industry photography.

Now three years into their new role, the Alaska Safety Alliance’s impact on workforce development in the oil and gas, construction, mining, medical and maritime industries is measured by a growing membership, active board, national recognition for programs and process and a committed staff.